And then the fun’s all over…

Anyone else have a CRAZY busy holiday season?!

  • Permanently closing up my clothing store after 5.5 years
  • School & Work festivities
  • Kids out of school for 18 days
  • Regular work + Year End
  • WRAPPING -endless wrapping (we still have one more family Christmas so I’m unfortunately not done yet)

Just popping in just for a quick update on our Advent Calendar from Christmas. We didn’t get it all done timely or orderly but we completed it all together as a family and my kids have had fun making memories along the way. I’m already excited and curious to see what the theme will be for Christmas 2020.

Here is Jaxton’s latest set-up.

My kids are loving legos in the living room, usually they are only out while being played with in the play room. The Advent Calendar legos are easy access for a quick play while they should be putting shoes and coats on while we are already running 15 minutes late every morning. I suppose the legos can stay in the living room as long as the tree and at this rate it might be up for a few more weeks. 🙂

What kind of Christmas tree person are you:

  • tree down on 12/26 & house restored to 100%
  • tree down by 1/1 but your house doesn’t recover until February
  • tree down by March
  • tree gets redecorated for each Holiday throughout the year but never comes down
  • tree never gets put up in the first place…

Hope y’all had a Merry Christmas & a great start to the New Year! ELS

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