Ongoing Financial Coaching – Framework Program

Here is some additional information about ongoing financial coaching. The purpose of ongoing coaching is to learn and build upon financial concepts in order to help you reach your financial goals. This looks different for each individual or couple. There are a lot of pieces of the financial puzzle and each’s person’s puzzle is unique at that.

Framework Program

Financial Coaching Framework Program
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Framework Program

The Framework Program is a 6 month program with a total of 18 meetings. We start by having 4 meetings in each of the 1st 2 months, 3 meetings in each of the next 2 months, and 2 meetings in each of the last 2 months.

Some of the different topics we tackle in ongoing coaching will include:

  1. Goal & Boundary Setting
  2. Money Mindset
  3. Budgeting & Savings Plans
  4. Forward Thinking, Delayed Gratification, Planning Ahead
  5. Listening & Communication
  6. Time management & Organization
  7. Net Worth & Savings Rate
  8. So much More!

Some of the goals that I have for my clients:

  • Have a budget that works for them
  • Working to eliminate debt and establishing an emergency fund
  • Have a clear picture of where their money is going
  • Their money stress is GONE!
  • Confident that they have the tools they need to reach their financial goals

The total cost of the Framework Program is $1,950.00 ($325.00/mo.) There is a pay in full discount which makes it $1,800.00 total.

I have “maintenance’ coaching available for clients that have completed the Framework Program and would like to continue coaching. Available in packages of 2, 4, 6, or 12 meeting session per year. Pricing is available to those who complete the Framework Program.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact me HERE.