Where’s the silver lining?!


It has taken over all of our lives. None of our lives look like they did 20 days ago.

We are all experiencing similar things, yet how we face them is uniquely ours:

  • Schools closed indefinitely – facing homeschooling our babes
  • Workplaces closing, cutting hours – or being considered essential and potentially working more
  • The TP Shortage 2020 we will never forget… but realistically – grocery and paper good shortages
  • Uncertainty on all of our 2020 plans
  • Facing an onslaught of emotions (our own, our spouses, our children, friends, and neighbors) about illness, abrupt endings, and rapid changes
  • Personal financial burden/ruin and the long term economic impact
  • Feeling judgments & uncertainties about how we are handling/not handling life
  • Lakes & recreational areas being closed – “nothing to look forward too”
  • Local small business’ closing that may never reopen
  • Concern for our elderly friends, family and neighbors
  • Healthcare professionals without needed supplies and resources
  • Not knowing the correct course of action – “going in blindly”

I feel like this list of negative/hard/challenging things on this list could go on and on…

All of the above things are rooted in fear. It is hard to hold faith when it feels like you have no control… things are spiraling and there is no end in sight. These things are happening in real time so quickly that the details are missed and quick decisions are made that may not be the right ones. People panic. People sit in inaction. People fight to maintain the middle ground so people don’t call them crazy, radical, complacent, uncaring… Literally everyone’s feelings are different, fresh, unsettled and changing rapidly. We are quick to judge those that aren’t doing what we think they should. We feel judged by those doing things differently than we are. We falter in providing ourselves and everyone around us Grace. Grace to make mistakes and recover. Grace to make choices that aren’t perfect. Grace to cry when the smallest thing goes wrong.

WHEN (not if) the fear kicks in we need to look to God and ask for our Grace back. We have to focus on the amazing things that ARE happening during this unprecedented time:

  • small business’ coming together to help communities
  • neighbors helping neighbors
  • record # of family dinners
  • administrations & teachers (&more!) collabing to create brand new content quickly
  • flexibility & understanding
  • people sharing kindness & compassion in countless ways
  • lower emissions & repair to our ecosystems
  • brainstorming & problem solving & creative thinking
  • getting outdoors & some are learning to garden for the first time
  • working towards common goals in ways that haven’t been seen since post 9/11

These are just a few things that I came up with off the top of my head. Let us all find and share enough Grace that we can put our action towards the things that we can control and let us continue to work together towards common goals and the common good. Let us share our talents, skills, kindness & calm.

I’d love to keep adding to my “Silver Lining” list – drop me a comment with your silver lining and I will update my post.

Stay Healthy! ELS

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